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Is Google Rolling Out The Penguin Update?

10 Jan 2016


Recently, we reported that Google made some surprise changes to its algorithm that had left many search engine optimization experts puzzled.


In continuation from last year, to this year, Google made more changes to its search algorithm. However, this time, Google was quick to clarify that these changes were not a new addition per se, but instead, were in continuation of last week's algorithm updates. 


Once again, as clarified by Google employees, these core algorithm changes are not in any way related to the Penguin update. However, the rumor mill is already on its way. Since many webmasters and SEO experts have been expecting Penguin updates to be visible sometime in early 2016.


Many automated tools have noticed that the recent core updates to the Google search algorithm have been pretty volatile and detailed in nature. This further adds to the speculations that Google is rolling out the Penguin update in phases, and these core updates are just hints or parts of the bigger Penguin update.


Well, as of now, Google has insisted that the recent changes to the core algorithm are not related to Penguin, and personally, I see no reason to believe otherwise.


What do you think of these updates to Google's core search algorithm? Share your views in the comments below.




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