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The most cost effective Telecommunication system for business


PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company or organization. PABX Systems are widely used in offices, hotels and various industries. Where there is requirement of intra-office communication between departments or otherwise, PABX is a must. No modern office can be thought of without PABX.


Get your business with advance telecommunication system and save thousands of money. It allows all employees to share phone system lines, thus reducing your overall telecommunication expenses. It is very cost effective and is easily expandable as your company grows.


We can be your best choice for advanced phone systems & communications solutions at very competitive prices. From additions to new installs, voicemail, audio/video conferencing, call auto-attendant, telephone accounting and wireless, we do it all.


Benefits of Advance PABX system


Sharing of resources

One of the major benefits of having PABX is sharing of telecom resources. Normally, offices have few lines which need to be shared among many people in the office. PABX systems help sharing those limited number of connections to many extension lines with more persons.


Internal Office calls and call transferring

All in the office can communicate to each other using the PABX System. Previously, people used a bell and used to kick around an office peon to call someone. Now with PABX, anyone can call anyone. Calls can be transferred to another person.


Call Cost Reduction

You can save substantially by using a PABX service and communicate within all your departments or long distance. Easily connect phone systems between offices/branches and make free phone calls.


Incoming Call Control

Live operators receive and direct incoming calls to internal office personnel. A live operator gives a business organization a personality and the opportunity to interface directly with customers, clients and the public. When the auto attendant mode is used incoming callers are offered options to connect them to the right parties.


Automated Information

Call directing information can be programmed into a PABX. This improves customer inquiries by creating direct access to internal departments or individuals. Incoming callers reach key contacts without speaking to an operator or receptionist.


Higher Call Volume

A PABX can automatically receive and direct large numbers of calls at the same time. Incoming callers do not have to wait in line for an operator to answer and direct their call to the proper internal station.


Courteous Waiting

Calls that are placed on hold can be served pleasant music while waiting to be connected. The presence of music tells incoming callers that they are still connected until the called party answers.


Value for Money

PABX systems are valuable business assets. They improve the company image, create smoother flowing lines of communication, and provide the networks for effective internal systems.